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What is web analytics and why is it so important?

What is web analytics and why is it so important?

Understanding what web analytics is is essential for digital marketing actions and campaigns. It allows us to extract a wide variety of information related to user behavior. Something that, without any doubt, will help us to refine the strategy or improve the approach to obtain the best possible results.

What is web analytics?

Web analytics or web analytics consists of analyzing activity on websites, social networks and other online media or channels. Studying the results will allow any improvement to be made based on the data we collect.

With the changes we will be able to optimize our website, online marketing campaigns and presence on the networks. It is about increasing ROI and improving conversions to achieve increased profits.

Importance of web analytics

When we make an investment of resources on the internet, the most common question is usually if it will really give results. This type of analytical techniques, in some cases supported by artificial intelligence, are essential to find out and serve to:

Gather information

We can collect a multitude of information about each visit. Thanks to cookies we will be able to track and obtain data about the user’s browsing.

Information analysis

To analyze all the information collected we will be able to perform metrics and compare them later. They will throw more or less obvious data on behavior and interactions to make CRO and improve the conversion rate.

Complete reports

In which significant data and relevant information will be included in order to improve our website, networks and campaigns in the future. It is worth making an effort to synthesize to highlight the most relevant.

Optimize the website

How we can analyze and access the information or criteria of the users who visit our website. You have to know the number of visits, the origin, know on which pages they stay longer and shorter, the bounce rate, and much more. This will make it easier for us to know what to optimize.

Comparison with other sites

In the set of what is web analytics, these analyzes allow us to compare our website and online presence with those of the competition and thus know what strategies they are carrying out and the reaction of users. What works for them or us and where to invest resources as a priority.

Benefits of web analytics

Our business model will obtain a series of valuable advantages thanks to web analytics, such as:

Identify our audience

A deeper web analysis will allow us to know the country of origin, age or sex of our clients. With a greater knowledge of them we will be able to empathize better.

Optimize the website

Acording to Paramarketing, by knowing the actions that users take on our website, we can improve usability and UX. You will also have to identify the design or content that is most attractive to the audience.

Improve marketing actions

In the context of what web analytics is, it will allow us to know the origin of the visits and even what type of strategy in social networks and search engines generate more sales. When performing web analytics, metrics are essential, because thanks to them, it is possible to analyze the traffic of a social network or website.

Some of the most relevant metrics are the average duration of a visit, the page views, the time spent on a page, if they are unique visitors, the bounce rate.

Phases necessary to put it into practice

In order for us to perform the analysis of a website or other channels, it is advisable to follow the following phases:

  • Select the medium, that is, what we want to analyze: a corporate website, the online store, a landing page, a blog, a specific corporate account on a social network, and so on.
  • Establish the key performance indicators or KPIs (key performance indicators) and the objectives of the site.
  • Select the most appropriate web analytics tool for the analysis we want to perform.
  • Establish the period of time in which we are going to collect data.
  • Analyze the structure of the medium or channel, that is, how it is organized, what is the process that a user follows until he reaches our goal, and so on.
  • Tag digital assets such as website pages or content marketing creatives, making it easier for us to get a good measurement. In the case of websites, each page of our website must be assigned a specific URL for tracking.
  • Now would be the time to take measurements and obtain the relevant reports.Finally, we must review the reports, analyze the data and implement the improvements and changes necessary to achieve our objectives.

To understand even better what web analytics is and its importance, it is sometimes necessary to take into account basic concepts of web analytics related to the processes that are carried out for its implementation. What is needed to collect data by running the tools.


Web analytics is important to guide us in our digital marketing actions without wasting the budget. There are all kinds of tools and systems for the different phases of the conversion funnel that allow you to analyze and make decisions. From free tools like Google Analytics for web tracking to heat maps that identify where people interact most often. Measuring traffic and interactions is vital to the success of almost any project we undertake.

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