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5 mistakes girls do in dating

5 mistakes girls do in dating

There is an amount of truth when we are talking about balancing relationships. Most of the time is come on in order for relationship to work both sides needs to keep a certain attitude and make mutual retreats. In this article we’re going to explore the five mistakes girls do in dating.

Make fun of him

For you, being ironic may be a way of communicating with others (I totally understand you), but it is not the best choice when you are still on the first date with someone you like. He does not know you so well to understand your style, to understand that you are joking. Therefore various teasing e.g. for his height or for some part of his body and especially for something that is insecure, he will probably end up in a misunderstanding. If you think that something you are going to mention can offend him, you better not mention it at all. At least not until a few months have passed since you will be together and now he has understood your style. For now, you can not hurt his feelings or selfishness and wait for him to taste the same.

Tell him about other boys you like

You may try to show him in this way that there are several other men who are interested in you, but this is the one of your heart, however it is not a very good idea. The thought of sharing “hot” information with him may seem right in your mind, but when you speak, you do not take into account an important factor, nervousness, which gives a completely different interpretation to your words and is therefore wrong. So while you are trying to make him understand that there are so many who besiege you, but you just want him and make him realize how lucky he is, he probably realizes that he is still on the list of men who give her they fall and you pass indifferent. Therefore, it is better to keep this kind of information to yourself!

Laugh non-stop even when his jokes fail

I understand that you can find him funny and enjoy his humor. In addition, we all know that men love it when a woman laughs at their jokes. So, every time he throws a funny attack, you laugh out loud. So far no problem. It’s just as cute. But when he starts shouting, you do not have to laugh as if you heard the best joke in the world. Apart from the fact that the fake laughter from the source makes a fuss, in this way you encourage him to tell other such failed jokes and you try to laugh even more in the end or that he will pass you for the Joker from Batman (not from the films, from the series). You can simply smile and show him that he was not excited, especially what you just heard.

Spy on him on social media

There is a fine line between clicking like his various posts and liking ALL his posts, retweeting his tweets and commenting where he comments as if you are a desperate fan. So if you do not want to scare him and make him believe that you are on his profile all day and watching him, it is better to relax and click likes or make comments sparingly.

Do not make any move

This last one is a major turn off for boys, as even if you have had a good time or not, they deserve an explanation about if you want to continue things or not. Be mature and end things if you did not like them no please come out by any means do not leave them in the dark.