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7 types of sex for all hours

Will they ever imagine that there are different types of sex for all hours? You may have noticed your need to have sex when you have stress (anxious sex) or when you wake up (fast sex). Really, how many types of sex are there and what do escorts athens advise in each case?

1. Companion sex

The most important aspect of your sex life is maintaining a strong emotional bond. Take time to show your affection. “For couples who kiss passionately, watch TV hugging and walk hand in hand on the street, the step from touching to sex is very small,” say escorts greece.

2. Fast sex

Make fast, unbridled sex part of your weekly menu, but keep it as an appetizer. “Having sex fast when you wake up or foreplay in unusual places stimulates the relationship and sparks the imagination,” says the expert escort.

3. Tender sex

Key element: it must happen naturally and spontaneously. “It is important for the couple to share moments of tenderness that mirror the emotional union through sex,” say escorts in athens.

4. The adventurous sex

Try new flavours, exchange ideas, add variety! Enrich your everyday life with new proposals, even with erotic aids or sexy lingerie. “Explore your sexual practice, share your fantasies without feeling uncomfortable, especially if you believe that the revelation will not endanger the relationship, nor will your moral side be tested,” says escort girl.

5. Dominance sex

If you believe that your partner will always lead you to sexual ecstasy, you can expect a lot,” notes the expert. “Taking control can give you a lot of confidence, and you will both enjoy the game, since dominance games are aphrodisiac.”

6. The anxiolytic sex

If you find time for sex when you feel stressed, you will feel the muscle tension be lost and the stress reduced“, the expert points out. Researchers at the University of Zurich measured the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in couples’ saliva and found that those who had regular sex had lower levels.

7. Sex… solo

Our sexual appetites, like everything else, change over the years. What you liked when you were 21 may not drive you crazy now, so tune in to your desires. “How can you expect to be sexually satisfied if you still do not find what you like? “Masturbation will help you discover your erogenous zones, in order to guide your partner in a world of sexual pleasure and acquaintance with your body, claim escorts call girls.

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