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The painting color that will conquer your walls in 2022

You may already have a picture, but against all the painting colors that companies promote as the color of the year, many amateurs and non-decorators show a clear preference for shades of light green (light khaki, pistachio, mint and especially sage green).

So instead of the shades of blue, blue-green and violet promoted by painters, we have seen the calm power of green to come in painting the house!

In addition to the relaxation that data offers, it is a natural color shade, while it is a wild card of decoration, which can be placed in any room! Ideal for wall painting but also for your furniture!

In addition to the relaxation that data offers, it is a natural shade, while it is a wild card of decoration, which can be placed in any room! Ideal for wall painting but also for your furniture!

Things in life are not black and white and they definitely include cabinets. Most people who use painting color in their cabinets either choose neutral or discreet colors. This very light shade of sage painting color does not darken the space and gives personality to the space.

In the bedroom what you want is a painting color that guarantees relaxation. Like this distinctive pistachio, where beyond the wall, it was used in many shades throughout the room.

Beautiful monochrome chic decoration

A mix of green, white and a little gray created this great color for this beautiful beauty room. White, black and silver work together harmoniously as neutrals and the painting color of the wood elevates the room.

If anything is certain in this life it’s taxes and wallpapers in every possible and improbable painting color. In addition to the many shades of green, it also has a bit of blue, yellow and brown. Elegant and in a strange way it is relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

If you want to make a drastic change in your house in Montclair, NJ at a low cost in addition to painting the house, changing curtains is one of your first choices. The heavier curtains in this shade give a warm style, while the painting color itself is timeless.

As a painting color for furniture it is very classy and if the furniture itself is antique or with a detailed design, the shades of sage (rosemary) and light green are ideal. Our proposal is for chalk paint that we have seen in practice and we trust them. The match with the natural wood is really amazing.

The shades of light green that we presented to you, in one way or another are timeless for painting the house and not only! We will give you more articles around specific light or neutral colors, to find the best one for your home!

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5 causes for clogged drainage pipes

It is normal for some materials to clog the sewer over time say Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου, but there are some that can cause serious problems if we are not careful.

Below we list the five most common reasons that block the water drainage system resulting in a clogged drain.

Here’s what you can avoid to reduce the chances of a drain blocking the drain:

1. Hair

Every time we take a shower, hairs accumulate that with the flow of water pass into the pipes and can stick to the walls of the drain pipe. Over time, hair accumulation can block the flow of water and clog drainage. Installing a protective cover helps, but does not solve the problem.

2. Soap

Dirt, hair and other debris can get stuck in the soap and cause clogging in the drainage system. In addition to sinks, showers and bathtubs, the problem can also occur in the kitchen sink when washing dishes. One way to reduce this buildup is to pour two buckets of hot water into the sink at least twice a month.

3. Fats

Fat residues are more common in kitchen sinks. As in the case of soap, food debris and other sediments can be trapped in this thick, dirty liquid that forms fats. However, unlike soap, the oily residue is more difficult to remove. You can add hot water to remove some layers of grease that have accumulated in the sink pipes and avoid more problems. But the best thing to do is not to spill any type of oil on the drain. You can throw the fat directly in the trash. This prevents any debris or particles from sticking along the walls of the pipe.

4. Papers

The toilet paper we use in the toilet is designed to break down easily when it comes in contact with water. However, paper towels, baby wipes and laminated paper contain more durable materials and cannot be broken down as easily as plain toilet paper. To keep the drain in good condition, avoid throwing any kind of paper in the toilet. Tell your relatives, friends or guests not to throw toilet paper in your home.

5. Napkins and diapers

These sanitary products are a major cause of clogged drains. Designed to absorb water, napkins, diapers and other similar products can quickly become clogged. Always throw these items directly in the trash and not in the toilet bowl advise Αποφράξεις – Αντωνίου.

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